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Radically candid business consultancy for MSPs and Tech  businesses to define and deliver your optimum EndGame - with more time, money and fun on the journey. 

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How we help you

What is an EndGame?

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Fact: you must leave your business someday - that's a certainty!  It makes a lot of sense to plan for that moment to maximise your outcome and journey.

Like you, most MSP, Consultancy and Tech business owners have some future ambition to 'exit' but lack the time and knowledge to prepare or plan for it.

An exit could be a share sale to a third party, taking on VC or PE funding, a management buy-out or even family succession.  

How We Help You

We're on a mission to help you identify your EndGame, solve business challenges with skilful guidance, maximise business value and enhance the enjoyment of your journey.

How We Do It

How we do it

The methodology is simple – the execution is expert.

We have created a 9-stage Programme to help you build a high quality and profitable business that affords you more time, money, and fun. And on that journey, create significant equity value – for your EndGame.

Step 1

Initial Assessment

A combination of our online EndGame Diagnostic, face-to-face interviews and an in-depth review of your business KPIs.

Step 2

Detailed Report

The resulting report will set out a 'current state' baseline and highlight any shortfalls against 'exit readiness'. 

Step 3

Ongoing Advisory, Mentoring and Coaching

We will implement proven, innovative and practical solutions through ongoing business advisory, mentoring, and coaching to address the identified gaps and to work with you on any other areas of concern or challenges, at your request.

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Over time, the Programme will help to improve all areas of your business and allow us to measure your journey.

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About us

More than meets the eye

There are tons of business coaches out there.  Most of them have never run a business. Even fewer have run an MSP.  And of those who have, just a tiny percentage have achieved an optimised exit.  At EndGame, we have done all those things very successfully – and got the t-shirt.

At the core of our Advisory, Coaching and Mentoring services are our Values; we work with clients who demonstrate or desire the same values in providing services to their own clients. 

Our Values

What makes us stand out from the crowd


Stay curious. Be coachable. Anticipate change.


Skilful guidance that's compassionate, distinct, specific and profound. 


Consistent brilliance, creating significant value.


Enjoy the passage of time.

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"It's great to work alongside someone you genuinely trust and feel has a proper understanding of your business and its goals."


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